The build projects are starting to stack up.

As a 50th birthday present I bought myself a Caldercraft Agamemnon model from Cornwall Model Boats. Kin uge, about 1.3m long and the sam high, where am I going to put it when it’s finished – and it may take more than a year. At £588 plus £30 for paints this is the most that I’ve ever spent on a model by far. There is a lot of kit inside it, but then it is £588. I actually saved about £100 through Cornwall though. Always Hobbies price is £695.

Box arrive arrived on the 16-Sep but on checking it quite a few ‘issues’:

The box internally is ripped to shreds with the movement of the parts inside

  1. Lots of metal yard hoops, quite small things, littered across the bottom of the box, luckily, none appear to have been lost
  2. Pieces dislodged from the pre-cut boards, some sticking out from the box, lucky nothing snapped
  3. Quite a few of the smallest planking snapped or broken. I fear this is more to do with the quality of the wood rather than the movement and poor packaging.
  4. Worst was damage to the keel which was snapped at the transom. Now I could, easily, cut myself a new keel, but after paying £588, I think not.

Overall I am unimpressed with the presentation of the model. Everything looks like it has been thrown into the box. Possibly even as a return. Presentation of my other models is far superior. The Amati Bounty is exemplary. Even the Constructo Le Camaret is light years ahead in the box presentation.

Contacted Cornwall with the details of the broken parts – specifically the keel and the planks – hopefully won’t have to wait too long for the replacements. Will chase Cornwall next Monday if haven’t heard anything. If I do I can always cut my own keel – might need to be done in several sections similar to the swift, but then will have a potential bowing issue to manage. Still, a month to my birthday for Cornwall to rectify.

Bought some gold leaf and glue as I intend to gild the transom, the aft lights and the Agamemnon figurehead and maybe some parts of the Bounty as well.

But before starting I need to finish the Bounty Longboat and the Swift. Another couple of weekends and the longboat should be finished. A long way to go on the Swift though, probably months.

Build log: