The Wayfarers Walk is third of my targeted walks for this year (2011). I have 11 weeks to complete this, so come rain or shine I’ll have to do it.

The Walk is 70 miles from Inkpen Beacon in Wet Berkshire to Emsworth on the West Susex Border so I will break it up into 9x 9 mileish segments. Most of it is in the Berkshire/Hampshire boondocks, not many villages passed so not many pub opportunities early on unfortunately.

This particular walk, and the Test Way, go over ground I sort of know well. The fun thing about footpaths is that you get to see familiar places from different perspectives. For example, I've only seen Highclere Castle from the grounds and close up, never from a distance - and I drove through the village almost everyday for 7 years!

Two new pairs of boots for this walk. One is a pair of Salomon walking shoes the other a pair of Scarpa winter walking boots. Boots very solid and may take some breaking in. Heck, they are designed for crampons! I am expecting severe weather over the next few months so just being prepared.


Other new stuff I’ve got since last walk is a Berghaus flask and hand warmers. Also got a iPad2 with Joomla and Wordpress apps which I may try to use to update on the route as I go. Depends how T-Mobile coverage is in the Hampshire/Berkshire boondocks. Questionable.

So onto sections (still working them out so they may change):

Hampshire County Council Wayfarers Walk site here.