This walk takes us through Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire in just 34 miles. As me and the dogs aren't getting younger I've wimped and tried to limit the walking to 8 mile stages. Maybe I'll get fitter or braver as I loose more weight and the walking becomes easier.

River A0n at Downton

Hampshire Council website here and pdf here. One point I will make is that the official guide does show some sections as getting flooded. Don't rely on this. Other sections can become almost impassable after prolonged rain. Be prepared to wade throughout the walk.


UPDATE after section 3:

I walked section 3 in mid-August. The guide says to expect the route to be waterlogged November to March, well, I would avoid long parts of section 3, up to the crossing of the A338, at any time of year. Although I enjoyed it in a sick way, you do have to wade, up to your knees, through slurry in the early water medows. Very, very unpleasant. Later in the walk you wade through a field up to your shins in water for about half-a-mile. So I'd say waterlogged all year round and would say the first bit just outside Fordingbridge should be re-routed.