12 September - Tulsa to Weatherford: 190 miles

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Bit shorter today. Ok, a lot shorter, only 209 miles according to the gps, 110 ish shorter than yesterday.

Still 12 hours door to do though


Had one of those 'Wild Hog' moments this morning. Filling up at a station in Sapulpa a member of Sapulpa's finest men in blue pulled up and wound down his window.

I wandered over and he said "I aught to book the lot of you!".

I meekly replied "But why officer?".

"You guys are riding and I'm working. Ain't right." Had to laff. At least it wasn't lewd and lascivious behaviour he was jealous of.

Then went into the by now usual questioning about who we were, where are we from, what are we doing, where are we going.

First real stop of the day was at the old state armoury in Chandler. Now called theRoute 66 Chandler Interpretive Centre. Never lain on a bed and watched videos before. Well I have, but never in a museum. Very interesting and it did have souvenir shop. Who'd have thunked it.

Next stop was only about 10 miles further on. Seaba Station in Warwick has a motorcycle museum. Well worth a view. They have a tiny Harley and a still boxed Bonneville, and, of course, a souvenir shop. I had the second of my 3 filming experiences along the Route as I was interviewed by an Oklahoma PBS station asking "who we were, where are we from, what are we doing, where are we going." Still trying to track down the footage.

Lunch was a bit of detour to a small town called Jones. Restaurant was called Roosters. Good honest food cooked by good honest people. I am enjoying the lunch experiences. I like the fact we are going to small local establishments. It's not much but feel we are helping communities in some small way.

Another couple of characters at lunch. The ever-young 80-something owner of Roosters and an Oklahoma artist styled as the Road Runner, Ken Turmel. Ken gave us a talk over lunch about his connections with ROute 66 and how it's shaped his life. He discussed one of his works, the Route 66 Postmark Map. I'm a complete sucker for maps and atlases, so had to. Cheers Ken.

One of the Route's biggest attractions is the Arcadia Round Barn only another 40 miles on. It is very interesting how it has been constructed and another of the characters gave us the tour. Wifey leg bad today so we had to step out, just in time to see some classic cars pull up.

Watched a police car lie in ambush next to the pedestrian crossing into the barn and trigger someone. Same the world over.

Detour around and through Oklahoma City seemed to be in rush hour and was hot. Lights kept breaking up the group, but we made it through ok - get it?

Filled up in El Reno then a most atmospheric ride along an original section riding into a Westering sun. Really was special. Watching the silhouettes of the riders in front rising and dipping over lumps in the road was almost emotional.

Final stop of the day was at the Cherokee Trading Post. Odd display wall explaining the Trail Where They Cried.

By this stage I needed a Starbuck's in a can. Finished the day with more sunset moments as the road goes directly West.

Dinner was a pool pizza party. Didn't stay long, now getting very tired.

Best Western Mark Motor Hotel Weatherford

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