16 September - Santa Fe to Gallup: 210 miles

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GPS says today was bang on the money. 209 miles. We do rise to 8374 ft before finishing at 6800, so me and the Harley will struggle.

Route 66 El Rancho - really looking forward for this one.

Santa Fe Harley Davidson is the first port of call after only 5 miles. One of the bikes needed a service yesterday so we're here to pick it up and, of course, do some souvenir hunting.

Then a visit to the place that started it for me. Slightly unexpected and if we hadn't taken so long at the hospital yesterday may have gone then.


Wild Hogs.

Maggie's Diner.


Sad to say but it was because of this film that I learnt to ride and now don't own a car and am now on Route 66 on a Harley. Lot to answer for this Burgh has.

Maggie's Diner is a souvenir shop. Madrid is a souvenir shop. Wifey went mad.

Been there, seen it, got the tee-shirt. Didn't try the chilli.

Then on to Albuquerque. Some truly magnificent vistas. Horizon to horizon views. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Albuquerque is large and spread out. Very stop start ride through. But the lunchtime restaurant in the old town more than made up. Church Street Cafe is tucked away behind the 300 year old San Felipe da Neri church. Whole area very similar to Santa Fe, smaller scale but with the same boardwalks and souvenir boutique shops.

Bike struggling today with the altitude. We drop 2500 ft to 4900 ft in Albuquerque but rise again to 7300 ft before arriving at Gallup at 6500 ft. Opening the bike up on the interstate sections does nothing and the by the time I've caught up I need to slow down and then start accelerating again. Hard work for the bike and my lungs ache too.

Some of the scenery today is straight out of cars with the buttes and mesas everywhere. It is like being in a movie.

Pass the continental divide at Thoreau, but don't realise it until later.

10 hours travelling today. and a lot more gentle, but still arrived at El Rancho knackered.

Now, I was expecting El Rancho to be one of the highlights, unfortunately, was just too tired I think. Rooms were like cells, there where red critters scuttling in the bathroom, but they did have Fat Tire. Didn't even take the camera out and went to be straight after dinner. Also, another scam in the car park. Sigh. Bear warned us about leaving anything in or on the bikes and not to be scammed. Big problem in Gallup apparently. Rather sour taste to what should have been a good-un, but then not everything in life is perfect, it was part of the adventure.

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