17 September - Gallup to Williams: 240 miles

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Another high altitude day. Another day of struggle for the bike. Altitude ranged from 6500, up to 7200 ft and finishing at 6000 ft. GPS says 242 miles and a smidge under 10 hours on the road.

Filled up at the next burgh along, Mentmore. Sure I have a cousin who used to live in Mentmore Towers in Bucks.

Then a 70 mile peg to the Petrified Forest National Park. Another place where I could have spent all day with the camera. It is just as if a painter has thrown his paints across the landscape. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of hours and the forest is spread over 27 miles of road, really didn't do more than skim the surface. The sheer number of trees is astounding. Just outside the park is a dealership and they had tons and tons of fossilised trees in their yard. Did buy a couple of lumps at the souvenir shop, one of two in the park.

Quick sprint over more open vistas to Holbrook to see one of the Wigwam Motels. Each Wigwam with a classic car parked outside. Again, Holbrook brings into perspective just how important to the local communities the route was. Holbrook has lots of old motels, gas stations and diners as do all towns around here. Most are now derelict. Progress the killer.

Next stop a certain corner in Winslow Arizona. Tourist trap, souvenir shop, leather waistcoat bought, photo opp all round. Another film crew. That's 3 so far: Chicago Sear's Tower street scenes for Batman, interview at Seaba Station, now being filmed standing on a corner. That's gotta be my 15 minutes.

Filled up on the edge of town before a long stretch to Bellemont, just west of Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon Harley Davidson dealership. Most interesting thing was the Victory parked in the Bar and Grill opposite. Made a bit of difference to the usual Harley fare.

Finally in to the Holiday Inn Williams.

It was one of the team's birthday so into the bar for drinks, a light dinner, and his birthday fireworks. Well, actually, the Grand Canyon railway's birthday fireworks. 125 years. A goodly number.

Bed, again, bloody knackered.

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