18 September - Williams: rest day

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Supposedly a rest day and we've already seen it, but who can resist the biggest hole on the planet. Ends up 170 miles on the clock.

It's an hour there and an hour back. Best thing was that Bear left us at Grand Canyon Park gate and said see you tonight. Freedom on the road at last and no helmet.

Altitude fluctuated from 6000-7500 ft, but as I wasn't tanking, finally getting into cruiser mode, neither the bike nor I struggled.

Will not bore. Been here before, seen it, done it, got the teeshirts, fridge magnets and hoodies.

It was just nice to be riding free on glorious day.

On returning from  the edge, went into Williams with some trepidation after the warnings Bear had given about Gallup. Chalk and Cheese.

Williams appears far more prosperous than Gallup, probably partially due to the Grand Canyon railhead, but whatever the reason there are oodles of souvenir stores and restaurants. Lots of ways to part with money. Did some shopping and had a reasonably good steak at Cruisers Route 66 Cafe. Check the website, it even has a souvenir shop! Why can't I get a decent steak in the land of the Longhorn?

Cafe had a live act. Sang a couple of political songs that put me off.

Then wandered back to the room and slept. Room was very nice it has to be said. And the hotel even has a souvenir shop. Holiday Inn Williams

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