20 September - Needles to Victorville: 220 miles

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Wonderful day. 200 miles on the button, hot all day.

Breakfast at Juicey's in Needles 3 eggs, ham and toast with the obligatory request for A1 steak sauce, just like HP. Getting a taste for the sweet cured breakfast hams.

Out and off on a very hot one across the Mojave desert. Quick blast up the I40 then old route most of the way.

Passed a road by Goff called Llanfair - long way from home that pwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

First stop was Fenner Gas Station. Bloody scorching. Cold Starbucks in a can helped.

Lots of BNSF trains today alongside the road. Most gave a blast as the team yanked the air. Very impressive.

Then a long photo op at the old garage on the road by with Route 66 painted on it.

The road was very bad in places. Big holes and pitting. California can't afford to pay to fix the roads but we did pass one road team just before Roy's in Amboy, lots of waving and a couple of guys followed us to Roy's and had a chat.

Can't really miss Roy's. Amboy is in the centre of the middle of nowhere and Roy's has a huge sign rising out of the desert. Cold drinks and ice creams all round. Not much of a souvenir shop - call yourself a Route 66 attraction!

Next stop the Union Oil Station at Cricero. Fill up and another ice cream. Lots of bikes. Couple of Brazilian Goldwings, couple of French riders on Harleys.

Bear explained that the next section is really chewed up. The state rented it to the military who drive tanks up and down it. Not fit for bikes, so back onto the I40.

50 mile run through the desert on the I40 another fuel stop in Barstow and lunch at Coco's Family Restaurant.

Final stop of the day was at Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch. Another must see attraction, but you have to ask why, and you know the answer is why not. It really is so different but is exactly what it say on the tin, or should that be bottle? The real trees were full of bees and he had several nectar feeders for the hummingbirds. The bottle trees were good to.

Hotel for the evening was Comfort Suites and dinner was at the Steer 'n' Stein opposite. More Newcastle Broon, this time on tap. Who'd of thunked it?

Really am knackered. Thankful and yet not that tomorrow is the last day and is short.

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