22 September - Los Angeles to San Francisco to London

Route 66 Main Page : Day 17

Due to me being a biff, for some reason I booked a return flight from San Fran rather than LA. Also booked a bus tour of the streets of San Francisco with [later].

So. It's almost over. Travel today through San Fran and home.

Bittersweet. Very tired and want to get home, but we have just made an incredible journey with a fantastic bunch of people.

Up at 4:30, shuttle bus to the airport at 5:15. Checked in by 6:00. On plane by 7:00. Tannoy announcement flight not leaving until 8:00. There went the bus tour of San Fran.

Bags picked up, then got on the wrong AirTrain and did a tour of SF airport. Got on the right train and did it in reverse. Think I saw Alcatraz amid the gloom. Very foggy so probably wouldn't have seen much of the tour anyway.

Finally got to departures at 9:30. Now in food court typing up some of the activities. Only 8 hours to check-in.


So that's it. The adventure's over. First holiday without the kids. First holiday with just Wifey and me ever. Would do it again tomorrow and notice there's a reverse trip...


Thanks Bear, your knowledge is encyclopaedic and what you don't know probably ain't worth knowing.


Thanks Zack. It was amazing to watch you grow over the two weeks. Your family should be proud of the man they have raised.


Thanks Ed. Know it's difficult humping and dumping for a group of tourists. You kept you're smile to the end.


Thanks to the rest of the adventurers. Wouldn't have bee the same without you.

That's it. How do we possibly beat it?

Route 66 Main Page : Day 17