On returning from Qatar I decided to try to complete all the long distance walks in Hampshire. Not set any timescales, but want to complete at least three a year.

Walks in order I'll try to do them are:

 Long Distance Walks in Hampshire


 Distance  Start  Finish

  Clarendon Way 

 24 miles






  Test Way 

 44 miles 


 Coombe Gibbet  


 Eling Mill


  The Wayfarers Walk

 70 miles 


 Coombe Gibbet    




  The Oxdrove Way 

 24 miles





  Avon Valley Path 

 34 miles 






  The Itchen Way 

 30 miles 




 Hinton Ampner


  The Brenda Parker Way   


 77 miles






 Allan King's Way


 42 miles 






 Castleman Way


 15 miles






 Hangers Way


 20 miles




 QE Country Park    


 Staunton Way


 21 miles





 St Swithun's Way


 33 miles






 The Pilgrim's Way


 133 miles






 Solent Way


 63 miles


 Milford on Sea




 Monarch's Way


 565 miles   






 South Downs Way


 100 miles






 Three Castles Path


 60 miles







I'll include some pictures and I'll also include GPS files in each section.

Also going to start some Short Distance Walks in Hampshire as well.


Record of my journey up the Itchen from Woolston to Hinton Ampner

Category for the Brenda Parker Way articles I'll be creating as I do the walk.