About 10 years ago I bought myself a wooden model to make. It was the Scottish Maid by Artesania Latina.

I got as far as completing the hull but then life, as it does, got in the way and so the hull was laid down in the loft.

In October 2014, as a birthday present, I bought a couple of Guillows balsa planes and suddenly remembered the Scottish Maid in the loft. I got it down and during the Christmas 2014 break got to work on the masts, rigging and deck furniture finally finishing the build in April. The Guillows planes are unfinished.

Unfortunately, the bug has really struck and, due to the mess I created in the dining room, I now have a fully equipped shed in which to practice this new passion. A year on and I'm on my 4th model with 3 more ready to lay down.

This section of an otherwise photography oriented website is dedicated to the build logs for the following builds:

  • Longboat Blog : scratch built longboat based on the plans for the longboat sailed by Captain Bligh after the mutiny on the Bounty
  • HMS Swift Blog: Aeropiccolo model of the 1778 build of the Brigantine HMS Swift
  • HMS Agamemnon Blog : Victory Models model of Nelson's Favorite, the Eggsandbacon
  • HMAV Bounty : Mamoli model of the Bounty
  • HMAV Bounty Jolly Boat : Artesania model of the Bounty's jolly boat (reason I did the scratch build)
  • Cameret : model of a French langoustine boat


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