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Walk: 13 Brown Candover

Date: 15 Oct 11

Weather: Beautiful sunshine, very warm.

Attendees: Wifey and Fiends

Flora and Fauna: Red Kite and I think Honey Buzzard

This is the first walk we've taken from the AA book. Nice and gentle. Slight rises, although I have extended it to include a pub. What's the point of a country walk without a pub? Actually most of the walk covers some of the Wayfarers Walk so will become well known to me.

Kick-off is in the lay-by just by the Woodmancott road sign. Fiends didn't notice the sheep in the field but did notice the neds.

Walk goes northwest to the church then truns off the road southwest. Gentle rise up the field and along the wood line brings us to a turn onto a restricted footpath southwest.

Arriving at some sheds we continued southwest towards the pub rather than going northwest back to the car.

Very slippy underfoot over the chalk even though it had been dry for the best part of a week.

Looking to the north across the valley there appeared to be a shooting party but they were gone when we got there after lunch. Just as well, black dog doesn't like the sound of shooting.

Lunch was at the Woolpack Inn in Totford. Most of the staff sounded like extras from Emmerdale, very apt given the pub's name. Very gastro pub. My longhorn steak was lovely, better than anything I had on Route 66. Horseradish sauce was Heinz ketchup with fresh horseradish. Had to ask for English mustard. Chips, however, were home-made and the biggest I've ever had. Half a potato each, I kid you not. I had a pint of their own Woolpack Ale which went down very well on a warm day.

Leaving the pub the road took us up-hill. Not the conducive postprandial activity, but we got there. Path then cut-back down the valley to the start.

Saw what I believe to be a couple of Red Kites, they had V-tails, thin pointed wings, were bi, and had the right dark and light patches on the wings. They were mobbed a bit by a couple of what I believe were Honey Buzzrads. Lot lighter than usual buzzards and were almost as big as the Kites.

Back at the car lots of bikers on the road. And mine looks like it needs a new clutch. Sigh.

End of first book walk.