Walk: Mottisfont

Date: 13 November 2011

Weather: Glorious sunshine

Attendees: Wifey and fiends

Flora and Fauna: Sheeps, Neds, virtually no birds

Absolutely glorious sunshine and very hot for mid-November. Did start overheating towards the end of the walk.

Start is in the car park opposite Spearywell Farm. Very muddy in the carpark, but then it rained almost every day last week. Path initially goes east in woodland. Lots and lots of paths in the wood. Had to keep referring to the map and we did have one false turn.

Path goes south after about half a mile, skirting Cadbuy Farm. Unlike previous walks there are no real vistas or views and we continue south through the woods.

We finally come out of the woods and cross a very muddy field. Boots completely clagged up. Through a style and along a couple of straight sections to a bridge under the railway and to a small bridge over the River Dun at Butt's Green.

We don't cross the bridge, we turn right through the water meadows. After the rains they are very waterlogged. White one sank at one point up to her tum.

Saw a man training a spaniel to flush and retrieve in the hedgerow.

Came to another field full of bullocks just by the gate. Another group of walkers with a sheepy fiend said they'd left them for us. Only thing for it was for me to go in alone and Ya them out of the way. Knew those ranch holidays would come in handy one day. Worked perfectly, they all ran off leaving it clear for us to walk with the fiends (on leads) across the field.

At the end of the field we recross the railway at a crossing so beware. About 30 seconds after we crossed a train whizzed by.

Cross the road at Hut Hill and walk up the path and over another muddy field. THen right into a tarmacked part of the National Cycle route 24 and into Mottisfont, Test Way territory. Turn north up the road and turn left opposite the old gates and gatehouse to the Abbey.

Almost immediately take a path across another muddy field which leads back to the car park.

Muddy day, though very hot. Wasn't expecting it to be this warm.

Third walk from the book down.