Walk : Danebury Hill

Date : 26 December 2011

Weather : Grey

Attendees : Wifey, Boy, Girl, Fiends

Flora and Fauna : Neds

This is a very short write up as it's a very short walk. Danebury walks are a family tradition on either Boxing Day or New Year's day, and at other times through the year when we're all together.

The landscape roundabouts is ancient. You can see at least 4 other hill forts from Danebury: Bury Hill, Woolbury, Grately and Figsbury. So many hillforts in such a small area. Apart from the 4 you can see there are another 8 (Old Sarum, Wallbury, Sidbury, Tidsbury, Ledbury, Beacon Hill, Fosbury, Ogbury) within a 10 mile radius. Must have been a heavily populated part of the world.

You always have to be careful in the car park as people rush in and out and are not always observant when reversing. There are also always a large number of dogs mingling in the car park. So be careful.

Walk east out of the car park, through the gate and up the hill to the old triangulation point. Looking north you can see for miles back up to Andover. We don't usually enter the hillfort itself as dogs aren't allowed, so we walk around the second/third series of banks. Apparently, the trees were only planted in the 19th Century to beautify the place. I personally wish they'd left well alone as the views are spoiled by the trees. One good thing about not going into the fort is that the path is less well trod, although you are more likely to meet the denizens of the fort, the 2 neds. We usually take  a counter-clockwise direction which takes you down and round the walls.

As you reach the western side of the fort the trees pretty much obscure all the views out over Middle Wallop, the largest grass airstrip in Europe and home of Army Flying. Having said that, there are still some decent photo opportunities along the tree line and in the banks of the fort were roots have come to the surface.

On the far side of the fort as you come to the south western quadrant you start to get some views back to the south, but, again there are some good 'tree' photo ops.

We complete the loop at the triangulation point which does give the best vistas outside of the fort. You can walk down over to the Turret, but there are usually a herd of sheep in there so we generally don't.

Easy going, family bimble.