Not much done last night, merely removed the clamps from the starboard wale and trimmed it at the stern. Noted that the front of the wale was not flush with the stem, bugger. Nothing else that I could do other than use filler.

Next design of the planking for the gunport ribbons/wale line. In the house job possibly. Actual fitting is probably an all morning/all afternoon job for each side. As previously stated it will be a 3 plank/4mm width run. Just need to plan the thicknesses at the stem and the plank termination locations.

Fitted the starboard wale. Hoping it is nicely flush with the beak and in-line with its partner on the other side.

Next plans:

  1. Planking between the gunport ribbon and the wale. 3 plank width @ 4mm thickness light pear veneer. Need to carefully plan the spacing. Already drawn the current frame positons from the deck trunnelling to use as a guide. Will need to add at least another, maybe 2 sets of trunnels between each of the deck trunnel runs to take up the positions of the real frames. Will try a couple of practice runs before doing it for real.
  2. Lining the gunports using some very white sycamore veneer. Will have to varnish immediately to stop it picking up dirt.
  3. Second planking of the lower hull using 5mm dark pear veneer. As for the gunport/wale planking, will need to carefully design this.
  4. Transom decoration

Once that little lot is done we can start turning our attention to fitting the deck furniture and rigging bits and cleats. Might think about purchasing some replacement cleats as the wooden ones I’ll be cutting will be a little out of scale.

Nope, today last entry for 2015.

Now completed 5 of the 16 trunnel rows on the deck. Two done last night in 1:15. Did try one using bamboo. Not sure about the open nature of the end grain, so left it at one row – the aftmost – to see whether there is much difference. Target is to complete the re remaining 11 rows of deck trunneling this weekend and then on Monday get to sanding the hull and measuring it for the wales and the second planking. Gunports after that. And transom after that. And then cutting and fitting the wales and second planking. May get a fair bit done over Christmas.

Huge amount done over the Christmas standdown.

Main deck successfully trunnelled and varnished using Ronseal Matt diamond varnish. Fitted both the main and poop decks into the hull. Completed the gunwale inner planking after fitting gunport frame braces.

Cut the gunports out of the gunwales. Lot of fine filing done to try and keep it all square ready for lining. Actually created a couple of templates for the port cutting, one for the 8 open ports and 2 for the enclosed sternmost ports, even adding lining to ensure we have the correct size

Redesigned the transom. Final planking of the transom is complete using 5mm pear veneer planks. Window ports need final trimming then black card and plastic fitting with window frames. Still need to plan the stern decorations and also need to trim the transom flat.

Built quite a lot of the deck furniture:

  1. Windlass including both supports and braces. A lot of fine filing required to get the windlass nice an snug. Made the supports look like it comes in two halves with brass locking nuts and fitted the upright braces.
  2. Windlass chock and braces
  3. Poop deck lights, although built some time ago when building the poop deck for sizing
  4. Poop deck doorway housing, again built when I built the poop
  5. Fore and main mast belay rails

Put on a couple of thin coats of varnish until ready to mount the furniture on the decks. Also added pins to the bottom of the furniture to secure the furniture to the decks.

Spent a lot of time and sawdust fairing the hull and clearing the rabbets for a snug fit for the second planking.

Completed the gunwale internal second planking using 5mm planks I cut from some of the pear veneer I purchased. Trunnulled the lot using bamboo trunnels. Looks pretty neat but wondering whether 4mm planks might have been better.

Fitted the gunport ribbons along the lower edge of the gunports. Problem is that I split them into separate planks and so rather than a nice curved sweep I have a rather ‘jagged’, straight edge appearance. Will try so sanding before planking the wale/ribbon strip to see whether I can take some of the ‘edge’ off.

External gunport planking completed down to the gunport ribbon using 4mm planks from another sheet of (lighter) pear veneer. Looks rather good. But should I have used 4mm throughout the decks, gunwales etc? I know for the Eggsandbacon it uses 4mm for all deck planking.

My main prevarication over Christmas was the main wale. Whether to leave it as a single 6mm wide plank or anchor stock it. Many attempts to create it and after the problem I have with the non-curved gunport ribbon decided to build the anchor stock as a separate assemblies and then fit the entire wale to the hull. That way the wale can be bent as a single piece into place giving a nice sweep and not jagged like the gunport ribbon. Initially soaked and formed the curve on the two foremost planks on either side to reduce any chance of snapping. Then gradually built op the anchor stock pattern behind. Did try to build a jig from a couple of hacksaw blades but didn’t work too well so ended up just trimming the basic shape with a scalpel and then sanding to fit. Not perfect but does allow the wales to fit in a nice, fair run.

Final thing for the Christmas break was to fit the port wale.

Wow! Much more than I was hoping for. But then have worked 10 hour most days and have also begun the Eggsandbacon. Far more detail than I was originally expecting as well.

Probably last entry for 2015. Managed to get 30-45 minutes in every evening so far this week so the main deck trunnels are coming along, 3 rows, from 16 done. Not happy with the splintering of the trunnels as I trim them. I do have some bamboo that I might try. Did buy a drawplate to see if it would simplify/speed-up the trunnel making process, but the quality of the drawplate is poor. Will try to make one myself over the weekend.