We've been to the USA as a family three times. First two occasions it was to Arizona to be cowboys and cowgirls, and third time was to Montana to be cowboys.

However, after three times coming off a horse, twice in the same day, I think I've managed to kick the cowboy habit.

In 2005 we went to the White Stallion Ranch just outside Tucson. We went there again in 2006 cos we enjoyed it so much. We also visited Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Tombstone on that trip.

In 2008 we did a mahoosive 3 week roadtrip taking in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. We stayed at a ranch way off the beaten track in the Abrosoka Beartooth Mountains just to the north of Yellowstone. Hawley Mountain Ranch is stunning and quiet. If you can, just go. Also managed, by pure luck, to chance on a small town called Sturgis, just in the wrong week. Or the right week!! The Black Mountains Rendezvous is certainly interesting for a piston head.

More about our American Adventures can be found here when I get time to update the site:

For 2011 we are planning to ride Route 66 on a hog. Will be blogging that one!

Will be updating this page as I upload pictures, so remember to comeback ya'll.